Changing maxvals on the fly

Hi all, this is my first posting, so, “Nice to meet you all!”

Recently started at my company, which uses Nagios and have been getting loads of warnings about swapspace on one of our machines. Having a couple of spare slots on my raid controller and a couple of spare disks, I built a second filesystem and added extra swap.

However, the alerts continue and show swapspace at 109%, as nagios hasn’t recognised that there is extra swap. My question is, therefore, is it possible to recalculate/reset/otherwise munge the maximum swapspace available such that nagios stops panicking?

Any advice will be gratefully received as I’m a nagios newbie (i know my linux, though, so tips will suffice)

Thanks in advance!


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Have a look at the check being performed on the swap space, possibly it’s referring to a maximum in terms of Mbs and not as a percentage…


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Thanks, Luca, I’ll check it out and let you know



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