Changing the Summary GUI


I have a need to change the default service/host summary page columns.

In particular I need to add or replace a column in the GUI with the contactgroups value for a given check.

It appears I’ll need to modify the code to accomplish this. Does any one have any experience with modifying the contents of the cgi pages?
Any suggestions you may have would be appreciated.


find the source code, find out how the HTML page is generated and recompile (may require changes to the CSS files too)
Keep a diff at hand as you may need to repatch the source file at each version update.



I am in the same situation as Eric, though it seems less knowledgeable because finding out “how the HTML page is generated and recompil[ing]” is exactly where I’m stuck. I’ve looked and it doesn’t look like anyone talks at all about customizing the stock gui. Am I better off moving forward with a third party front end like Thruk?



If i remeber right it’s C code which generates an HTML page… so you need to have at least basic knowledge of both and of CSS. If you don’t there’s very little you can do…


Ahh, now I know what you mean by “find source”. It hadn’t occurred to me to look for C source files. I’ll dig into that, thanks.