Changing web output of cgi programms


Is there any possibility in Nagios to create my own output of
status.cgi program?
I will try to describe my idea on example. When I open url
nagios/nagios/cgi-bin/status.cgi … style=grid
I want to see minimum information:
-without any grids
-and fields which are not required for my goal.

I need this in order the script to pull data from this url. There are
for about 1000 hosts and Nagios generates this page too slowly, for
about a second. So I want to make some kind of page which will be
smaller as it is now with all these css, grids and unuseful info for
me.In another words I need to clear page from many unnesessary html

So, have I write my own status.cgi? Or it can be done by another method?
Where this cgi program takes fields (for example: host, status, last
check, duration) which it displays on web page?

Thank you for answers in advance!


According to the copyright’s, you can modify the source code all you want. So, yes, it’s possible.