Char Stripping

I came across this today and am very surprised by it… As I have been modifing the check_log mod to fit our needs I have added a few lines one actually reads the $lastentry runs it through sed and awk to produce a url that has “&” in it.

This url shows up just fine in the nagios website but when it is sent to mail all the “&” Are stripped out … I have tried everything to get around this from backwacking them to attempting to insert a %26 but nothing works…

I have tested the output from the command line using echo and mail, and printf and mail and both work fine…

Bug ??? Or does anyone have any thoughts



no comments or suggestions ???

it could be Perl or something else stripping of the &… try esacping it with a backslash and see what happens…



Thanks but been there already


check if it is being sent without or received without the “&”… try sending to a local user on the server and see what happens…
Shouldn’t happen but possibly some locale/charset problems?
Out of ideas with this… :smiley: