$ characters in Windows services


Some most brilliant company that supplies the VIP payroll package use their own version of MSSQL service called MSSQL$ESS which I can manually check with NSClient++ on the Windows Server and check_nt and I get a good OK back that the service is running! Problem is that as soon as I ask Nagios 2.12 to enable the service and force a check to save a bit of time I get this reported back “MSSQL$ESS$: Unknown!!” Just that extra $! Most unfair!
This is what I have in my nsclient-services.cfg file
Short of trying to get the VIP developers/suppliers to change the service name I’ve tried taking the $ out of the two places in the nagios.cfg file but to no avail! Any ideas would be most welcome!




Use $$ as mentioned here: meulie.net/portal_plugins/fo … post_11356