Check Applications, run script



Im working on setting up a nagios server, so far so good.
Also im checking an application, for now just explorer.exe
Everything works fine, status comes up as good and all

But what im trying to do, is when an application “hangs” or becomes unresponsive a script is run.
So i want to know how i can make nagios run automaticlly run a scipt (such as vbs)


Sorry for my english


here you go: … dlers.html

hope this helps;

if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask (but don’t hesitate to search a little bit on the nagios doc :))


thanks for the quick reply !

im really quite a newbie on this and sorry if its easy, but i know how the command line works and i got an vbs script.
But how can i “call” the vbs script ?