check_by_ssh - bundling commands


Hey Everyone,

Is there a way to bundle check_by_ssh commands so that I can ask for three different plugin results per SSH link? In other works I want the system to generate the ssh connection to the monitored server, tell it to run the check_disk, check_cpu, and check_swap plugins stored locally on the target machine, return the values found, and then close the connection. This would be much more efficient than the single task per connection method I am using now. The process of building and then destroying the ssh tunnel is a lot of overhead. If I can get more than one result per connection I will be in much better shape.

Thanks in advance for any ideas you may send my way.



Thought about it too… but then decided it wasn’t worth the effort.
have a script run via ssh which fetches the reuslts on the remote server and writes them locally, then have a modified check which reads the remote results from disk instead of asking them via ssh… every step introduces delays and you can’t reschedule a check to get “updated” results…