Check CPU on Unix Agent


I have some server run AIX OS and Linux OS.But in Nagios plugin package haven’t plugin check about CPU and Memory of agent.
So,now i want check CPU and Memory. what plugin i need use. and give me link for download that plugin.Thanks so much .
I use Nagios-2.4 and Nagios Plugin 1.4.2


check_load and both come with plgins v1.4.
Install nagios in a distributed server setup. That means, the remote hosts will be running nagios and checking themselves. They then send the results to central nagios server.
Or simply use check_snmp with the proper oid value and be done with it. Of course, the remote hosts will have to have snmpd running and configured correctly.


I want use NRPE Addon of Nagios for check this information
but i can’t find a plugin avaiable.

Try the docs for nagios. THey contain a wealth of info.


when i use perl Script for check in AIX server,i receive a result :Server cannot read output"
How to can do to fix that?


Not enough information to even understand what the problem is.


I have AIX OS Server, I want check CPU and Memory of it,But i can’t found script check CPU and Memory.Can you help me


check_load is for checking cpu load and comes with the standard plugins install.
In the contrib/ directory of your plugins source, is a which is not installed by default.