Check disk status, load, processes of remote machines?


Ok, newibe nagios’er here. We are planning on implementing nagios to keep an eye on our terminal servers, and our clustered postgreSQL servers. Heres my questions. We will have a few *nix boxes, and a few windows boxes. I would like to monitor the disk status of the nix boxes, and the load and such. I see that there are plugins to monitor the ‘local’ disk size and ‘local’ load, but not remote stuff. I have tried setting them up, and it does seem to only read the local data.
Do i need to run some sort of server on the remote machines to monitor the load/disk status items? I do see that i can do this for the windows boxes, but just wondering how to do it for the linux boxes…
Thanks in advance



yup you’re right, you need to run snmpd. read the snmpd papers. you’ll get an idea. =)


checking snmpd.conf you can create custom OIDs which run scripts, like df… for the machine load it is quite a rpoblem, i could only retrieve the process load and not the CPU load because it is not memorized while the process load is in the standard snmp data.



To use nagios is the most efficient way, always try to use passive service checks when possible. Setup nsca on the nagios server etc. See this topic…

Simply put, you are setting up another nagios on the other nagios machines. They will not need to have apache, etc. The other nix boxes will run nagios as a daemon, perform the local checks, send the information to the central nagios server via nsca and then the central server will display the information.