Check emty dir


I found on a forum these line

CheckFile2 MaxWarn=1 MaxCrit=10 path=D:\WINDOWS\system32 filter+date=gt:5h truncate=10

But i get these nagios error message “Unknown argument: filter+date”

What i do wrong :slight_smile:

I like to ceckout if a directory is emty after one day. If not a other tool is not working anymore

Found these info here: FILEAGE check returns OK if directory is empty


are you running the correct plugin version?


I don’t know…
How to check that?

I use a filecheck2 also for a oracle dump… Check if dump not older than 24 hour… That works fine


noi idea, but the link you provided says 0.3.8 so maybe re-downloading and you are safe… maybe it’s just that :slight_smile: