Hi all,

I have to check if a file is not less than 1 byte, and I found this plugin that it does this check.

The proble is that the check_file_age checks the file in local environment, and the file that I have to check is in a remote host.

DO you know if it’s possible to use this check also giving an URL? And,if it is,how?

Thanks for the help!



You’re going to have to use NRPE. Read about it here:

NRPE is run on your local environment. It connects to your remote host, runs “check_file_age” or any other thing you define, and returns the result to your local environment.


You will need to install both the plugins for nagios as well as NRPE on the remote host. You should already have nagios plugins installed on the local machine. Here is are the links for both the plugin and NRPE: … g_mirror=0 … ror=puzzle

And the main page where you can find all info on Nagios in case you might need:

Let me know how the installation goes!!!