check_hpjd not installed


I am a new user to Nagios.

I successfully installed the Nagios Plugins 1.4.13. I am monitoring all of our PC Servers successfully.

I tried adding the ability to monitor our network printers, but I kept getting Error 127, plugin may be missing.

I am able to ping all the printers without issue.

I check my libexec directory and check_hpjd does not exist.

I did a FIND and it found the check_hpjd.c, check_hpjd.Po, & check_hpjd.t files with the source for the Nagios Plugins.

I did a LOCATE for check_hpjd on my system and it returned no files found.

I am not sure why all the other commands show up in my /usr/local/nagios/libexec, but not that one.

I have done numerous searches in these forums, but none of the threads seem to apply to my situation.

Any ideas?



Nevermind … :slight_smile:

I did not have snmp or snmp-utils installed on Debian.

I installed those packages and re-compile the Nagios-Plugins.

Problem Solved! :slight_smile: