check_http for 9 servers to admin, but for 1 to client?


Hello guys. I am currently receiving a lot of Nagios e-mail on a server of a client of mine. I’ve informed him tons of times, but he doesn’t care. I wish not receive all those nagios e-mails daily regarding his server. His host is owned by ‘username’, however the host is included in check_http, which is monitored by ‘admins’, which included my e-mail address. Do I have to create a check_http and check_ftp duplicate specially for his server, so I don’t receive his spam anymore?

Hope I’m making myself clear. If not, please let me know.


If i got it…
You monitor your client’s remote machine and you get tons of emails for that server, is that right?
If his server is reachable from your Nagios server and if your Nagios server checks the availability of his server’s http service, then you could specify in your nagios configuration only his contact group and remove contact group which includes your email address. Or, if you wish only to receive one or two emails about the http problem of his server, then you could define service escalation ( on your server for this http service check.

I don’t know if I understood your issue here properly, so if I didn’t, pls, be more specific on the problem.