Check Interval


HI all,

i would like to increase the interval that nagios checks my server. I am able to reboot a server, without nagios noticing it. i have understood that by default nagios checks every 10 minutes, with 2 retries every one minute when needed.
I would like to check every 3 minutes with a retry interval of 30 seconds.

What i have done in nagios.cfg change
Interval_Length = 30 (instead of 60 seconds)

i understand that this is has chang the retry interval
Where can i change the default setting for the check interval of 10 minutes?

Thanks in advance !


What i have done:
I opened the templates.cfg
Under the windows-server config changed
check_interval 2 (was 5)
max_check_attempts 3 (was 10)

Under generic-service changed:
max_check_attempts 2
normal_check_interval 3
retry_check_interval 1

now the interval is much faster. Have i done this correctly now?

and second question, what is the impact of the change in my previous message? does it mean the recheck interval of the retries here has changed to 30 secs?