"check_local_disk" output doesn't seem complete



I have Nagios up and running, and I’m looking at the “localhost” analysis output in the web UI.

For the “Root Partition” service (which is really a check_local_disk command), here’s the status information:

DISK OK - free space: / 4510 MB (54% inode=93%):

It seems that the first number (the amount of actual free space) is missing from the output. Does anyone else see this?

Does this seem incomplete to anyone else?




how big is your root partition? :slight_smile:


Oh nevermind, I’m a moron!

I thought the format was / , but it’s just giving me free space on the “/” partition!

The report is correct, nothing to see here =)


Also luca, I sent you a PM about another problem I seem to be having, but I’m not sure if it got sent. It’s sitting in my “outbox” not my “sent messages”.

Can you take a look at http://forums.meulie.net/t/nrpe-cant-get-check-ping-to-work-through-the-web-ui/5244 when you get a chance?

Thanks for your time!


please don’t use PMs… i usually read all unread posts, if i don’t answer it’s usually because i dont’ know :stuck_out_tongue: (or it’s a clear RTFM case…)