check_mrtg segmentation fault



I just installed the Nagios 2.0b1 and Nagios-plugins 1.4beta1.

I have problem to get information from the MRTG log file. After executed the plugins I got the Segmentation Fault…

Here is the command to execute the check_mrtg

check_mrtg -F cpusum.log -e 15 -a AVG -v 1 -w 60 -c 80 -l ACTIVE_CPU -u utilization

The server running this plugin is P4 + Fedora_C3

Anyone have the similar problem and have solution ?



I found a rpm package “nagios-plugins-1.3.1-10.1.fc3.rf.i386.rpm” on the Net. I replaced check_mrtg (1.4beta1) with this package.

The check-mrtg segfault has been sloved now.