check_mysql & check_local_disk question

Q1: check_mysql
Is there a way to check_mysql without passing password into it OR any other alternative to protect the password?

Q2: check_local_disk
Just wonder why I cann’t check either /var2(/dev/sda7), /home2(/dev/sda8), /var/lib/mysql(/dev/sda9) partitions?

I’m currently using nagios-2.0rc2 with RHEL4

you need to connect to mysql to actually have info on it.

create a user with read permissions on the system status… or something like that. use .my.cnf files… if you know mysql this should be no big problem.

the second one is strnage… not sure if there’s a limit on te number of partitions which can be checked. but iot sounds strange… i had 30 some partitions on a sun entrerpise… but that was a self created snmp script…


If the password showing up in the command defintion is bothering you, then define the password in resource.cfg as a $USERx$ variable. Define that variable in the command. That way, nobody can actually see the password used when looking at the cgi page config.cgi.

You must have a typo in your command, since there is no reason you can’t check /any_partition_name_I_created