CHECK_NRPE: Socket timeout after 90 seconds


I use NRPE module of the NSClient++ for monitoring windows servers. I have a script written on the server to check the disk space availability on the server.I have added the command and the script to the NSC.ini file. When I try to do a service check on the server, I get the error ‘CHECK_NRPE: Socket timeout after 90 seconds’ .The server is up and running. Couldn’t figure out why this is happening…Please help…


I would go to the command line on the server. Go to the libexec folder (or where ever you have put check_nrpe) and run

./check_nrpe -H hostname or ip address

This should give you a basic response from the NRPE module. If you get nothing check your firewall. Also (I can only speak from using NRPE_NT) the config file was a little misleading. The server option needed to be the machine i was monitoring and not the nagios server. Also make sure you have the nagios server define in the allowed addresses.