Check_nt not reporting memory for 1 server


We have Nagios set to run check_nt to check physical memory and it works great for all of our servers except one. It is Windows server 2003, and when run from the command line:

[blockquote]check_nt -H server1 -p 1248 -v MEMUSE[/blockquote]
it returns

[blockquote]Memory usage: total:0.00 Mb - used: 0.00 Mb (nan%) - free: 0.00 Mb (nan%) | ‘Memory usage’=0.00Mb;0.00;0.00;0.00;0.00[/blockquote]
Any other server returns real values. We are running Nagios is 2.9, with plugins 1.4.8 on a Fedore Core 6 server. I have the biggest feeling something on the monitored server is wrong, but I don’t know what. Any ideas on what I can check?

Thanks a lot!