check_nt not working for USEDDISKSPACE on 3.0rc1


I just installed 3.0rc1 on a test box Ubuntu Server 7.10 and I am having a problem with the check_nt plugin on using USEDDISKSPACE.

The Nagios event log gives this error:
Warning: Check result queue contained results for service ‘Drive Space D:check_type=0’ on host ‘SERVERNAME REMOVED’, but the service could not be found! Perhaps you forgot to define the service in your config files?

I know check_nt works because I can run it from the box manually and I get the results back. Also, all of my other check_nt plugin queries are working fine (MEMUSE, CPULOAD, etc.) And yes the service is defined.

I am also getting a lot of errors saying:
Warning: The check of host ‘SERVERNAME REMOVED’ looks like it was orphaned (results never came back). I’m scheduling an immediate check of the host…

I don’t get these errors on my production Nagios box which is using 3.0a3.

Does anybody have some suggestions?

Thanks in advance

  • Update *
    I have re-compiled with the 3.0rc1 CVS tarball and it seems to work now.