check_nt segmentation fault error



I’m using nagios v. 3.2.0 and nsclient++ and am receiving an error on one of my hosts. When running check_nt!USEDDISKSPACE !-l d -w 80 -f 90 nagios web interface shows "Return code of 139 is out of bounds "(Segmentaion Fault). however, the c: drive space shows up correctly.

Host details
Microsoft windows server 2003R2, Service Pack2

C drive: NTFS file system
F drive: Raw file system(used by application)

Is it possible to monitor Raw file system which is used by application in Windows using nagios?


did i get something wrong or are you trying to check a non existant drivem with “-l d” ? You say you only have C and F so why check D ?

i don’t think the ntclient++ can check a raw disk… how should it know how much space there is? is there an application which gives you the value? possibly in the perfomrance monitor? in that case you can check the counters for that.


instead of check_nt!USEDDISKSPACE !-l d -w 80 -f 90 it should be check_nt!USEDDISKSPACE !-l c -w 80 -f 90…

giving correct data for C drive.

When i login to the server and checked i find that F drive ( Used Space 0bytes and free space 0 bytes)…
Its a database server and m not aware what is the use of raw file system.