check_nt useddiskspace issuse


I’m getting (Return code of 139 is out of bounds) when checking one drive on a windows server …
when I run the ./check_nt -H -p 12489 -v USEDDISKSPACE -l e it gives a segmentation fault error…
drive c on the same server checks fine.

HELP been banging my head for days on this…


Not sure, too much free space and getting a counter overrun?
is it a harddisk like drive c?


Drive c: is a Basic NTFS Disc (17 GB) with 39% free
Drive e: is a Dynamic Disk (136 GB) with 39% free

I was playing around last night. I stoped the nsclient ++ service and ran nsclient++.exe /test and then ran ./check_nt ********************* on both C and E and it worked. so is there a bug in the NSclient++ since it works in test mode, and not when service .
NSclient++ ver