"Check_nwstat" question


Hello everybody.
I have several Netware servers, and I’m using ‘check_nwstat’ to monitor them. The cpu load shows like “Load OK - Up 2 days 6 hours 12 minutes, 15-min load average = 3%”. The server has 2 cpu’s, so the question is: what does this value mean? 3% for both cpu’s? For one cpu? Average? And how can I get the separate values for cpu0 and cpu1?
Thanks in advance.

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I suspect it’s an avaerage of the 2 CPUs… have a look at
./check_nwstat --help
and see if there’s more.

Point is what does 3% load mean in netware? :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. The 3% was only an example, others have 60,80 and up to 100% :wink: so it’s an interesting thing. I’ve looked through help and found nothing there…