Check on demand



  1. I am trying to do an on-demand check for ie. check_procs. Can somebody please first explain about the active and passive check and how can I use it to do check on-demand.
  2. I’ve seen register 0, what ‘register’ actually does?



for 2) I got the understandable answer from the manual page.
“This variable is used to indicate whether or not the object definition should be “registered” with Nagios. By default, all object definitions are registered. If you are using a partial object definition as a template, you would want to prevent it from being registered (an example of this is provided later). Values are as follows: 0 = do NOT register object definition, 1 = register object definition (this is the default). This variable is NOT inherited; every (partial) object definition used as a template must explicitly set the register directive to be 0. This prevents the need to override an inherited register directive with a value of 1 for every object that should be registered.”

Sorry about that, still looking for check on demand though.


check on demand? never heard of it. But what you need to have is nrpe or nsca setup on both server and client(the machine you want to check_procs). Active checks are checks performed by the Nagios machine. Passive checks are checks that are done by some other machine, that then sends the output of the command to NAgios.