Check on disks windows host


Hi all,

I upgraded from 3.0b4 to 3.0rc1.
At first I was able to check the diskusage on a windows host.
Now with the same configuration I get a pre-flight error:

Invalid max_attempts, check_interval, retry_interval, or notification_interval value for service ‘Win Disk C: use generic-service’ on host

I did not change a thing.
Removing the service helps me to be up and running again but that is not a solution.
For configuration I use Monarch 2.0.

When I try to test the service in Monarch it is working and giving me details from the windows host harddrive C:, but I can’t commit the service.

Can someone please help me with this?


I found the solution already.

At first I named my service Win Disk C:
Now I renamed it to Windows Disk C
So without : and without
Now I get no more errors and I can commit.

Thanks for reading and thinking