check_oracle fail via nrpe


hi all,

check_oracle localy work.:

/apps/nagios/plugins/1.4.3/libexec/check_oracle --db ILTD

ILTD OK - 1 PMON process(es) running

when trying to run it via the nagios server it fail.

but other nrpe commands work in this server (disksuite / disk / …)
[[email protected]]# ./check_nrpe -H oraclesrv1 -c check_disk -a 15% 10% /
DISK OK - free space: / 3586 MB (36% inode=87%);| /=6495MB;8568;9072;87;10080

the error i get is :
[[email protected]]# ./check_nrpe -H oraclesrv1 -c check_oracle -a --db ILTD
NRPE: Unable to read output


Double post, please dont do that.


double post, look at … ?8246.last