Is there a way to run check_oracle without downloading and installing oracle? I’m running Nagios on RH 9 and so far I can only check if it’s running through a tcp port check.


why would you want to run check_oracle if you don’t have it running somewhere?


PS: Have a look at the output of ./check_oracle --help
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we do have several machines running oracle, but I can only tell if they are up or down. I


I still don’t get why you would need to download and install oracle…

I’m not sure if oracle checks can be run from a remote location, but i suppose yes, so just run ./cehck_oracle with the --help option and see all the available options you have.

SHouldn’t it be possible have a look at NRPE/NSCA to sse which one best fits your needs.





i have no oracle install ad the check_oracle plugin compiled… so i don’t think you need oracle on the nagios server. at least not to compile the plugin.

Possibly the plugin needs to be run on the oracle server…



Checking oracle can be very troublesome, but well worth it. I installed a mini nagios setup on the remote Solaris machines that are running oracle, and nagios uses nsca to report back the findings of the service checks against oracle. i.e. tablespace free and an host of others.

You are correct, you must have some client installed and most importantly, you need a correct environment to make your connection. Once you are able to make a DB connection from your nagios machine, then you can start making check_oracle checks.
Plus, you need a user account that has access to some tables in order to query tablespace free, and others.


so you still can’t use it on a central server to check a remote oracle instance?



Yes, you can use it on a central server to check any oracle instance that is available to your machine. If you have several oracle database instances, you connect to them via the --tns switch.
Although, the --help states that --tablespace, --cache, --db are for local databases. So, without those checks, it’s almost pointless since that is what I want to check the most. i.e. tablespace free.


good to know should i ever need it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info and sorry to chalalasegg for possibly misleading advices.