check_ping: %s: Warning threshold must be integer or percent


Hi there, I’m afraid that I’ve got a problem with my check_ping plugin. I’m totally new to setting up Nagios, even though i’ve used it before I’ve never had to set it up or configure it. After setting it up and configuring it I’m getting an error from check_ping. Im running Nagios 2.9 and the plugin versions 1.4.8, this is running on Debian 4.0

If I need to put up some configuration files, please tell me which ones?



Post the following lines:
From commands.cfg the 4 lines about how check_pings is defined.
From services.cfg the lines defining the service for that host.
And a copy of the error and where you see it.



Thanks very much for this, I think that I have fixed it. The Check_ping was wrongly defined in the commands.cfg I have just fixed it as I got your reply.

Many thanks though!!!