check_ping Status Information weirdness


I have been using Nagios for a good 3 years now I think. I have run it on Debian based platforms pretty much always using the Debian package. Right now I am on Ubuntu. I mention the platform because I half wonder if something got fouled up in a package, but who knows. Right now all of my ping checks result in an “UNKNOWN” status and this is what I get in the Status Information column when viewing Service Details:

/bin/ping 123.456.780.1 -n -c 5

It appears that instead of showing the results of the check_ping command like it used to, it’s showing part of the command used to check the ping. I know in the past it always showed the current ping and packet loss in that column. When I do a manual ping check using the check_ping plugin and supplying the ip and thresholds manually, it works perfectly fine and retrurns proper results to the terminal. Why Nagios isn’t grabbing the right info is beyond me, though.

Can anyone possibly enlighten me as to why I no longer receive the status results of a check ping, but instead just see a command that was probably used to check for the ping? What can I do to correct this?


When you try the command by hand do you do it as root or as the nagios user? possibily a permission porblem…



I think it is a permission deal. After poking around a bit, seems ICMP is restricted to root. I’m going to poke around at that and fix it to where the nagios user can also do ICMP stuff.

Thanks for the lead. :smiley:

EDIT: I just remembered–I have bastille installed on this new linux machine running nagios. I’m pretty sure I locked down ping when I set up bastille. Duh–totally forgot :stuck_out_tongue:
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let us know if it’s fixed :slight_smile:

Ciao, Luca