Check_ping UP and Down everytime


Hello everybody i´m new here,

I have a big problem. My hosts are UP and 5 min down with this message “(Return code of 127 is out of bounds - plugin may be missing)” and after UP and after down … After a while, Nagios considers it´s a flapping situation …

Does someone know how to solve the situation ?


Do you need something to help me? i can put my commands.cfg here but it´s the standard one using libexec as the check commands directory


Yes, posting commands.cfg with the command you’re using for that check would be useful. Also post that service definition. Maybe the plugin is misbehaving? Which plugin are you using? Have you tried to run the check command from the terminal?
What’s the status of the server, maybe in an overload. Try to run top command for a minute or two when this happens and see the status of the server