I’m monitoring a router which has a regular packet loss of 16%, how can you change this that it sends alerts at 30%

This is the command that i’m currently using “check_ping!750.0,80%!1500.0,90%”

Also how many ping request are there send (4 like in windows)?

Thank you in advance


Change those arguments from 750.0,80% to 250.0,30% (for Warning), and you can leave 1500.0,90% for Critical. Also be sure you have enabled Warning notifications then.

You can run the check_ping plugin from terminal, like this to see all it’s options:
/path_to/check_ping --help

I’ll explain those arguments here for you:

command followed by a ! and a value means that those are arguments piped to the command. In this example it means check_ping command has two arguments:
$ARG1$ is 750.0,80%
$ARG2$ is 1500.0,90%

Those arguments are used in command definitions which you can see in /etc/nagios-plugins/config/.cfg* files (or anywhere your config files for plugins are located), in this case it would be ping.cfg
In it you should find command definition for check_ping which would state something like this:

# 'check_ping' command definition define command{ command_name check_ping command_line /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_ping -H '$HOSTADDRESS$' -w '$ARG1$' -c '$ARG2$' }
Where -w means Warning threshold and -c Critical threshold.
All those options you can see when you run the command manuall from the terminal with the --help switch

Default number of sent packets is 5