check_procs - how to get process names


Hello All,

How can I get the name of the process(es) counted by the check_procs plugin ?

I want to catch very short lived zombies.

When my event_handler launches /bin/ps (via an ssh tunnel), zombies have disappeared.

Any idea ?



I haven’t used it, myself, but check_procs -v provides for 3 different levels of verbosity.

check_procs -v displays the normal output.
check_procs -v -v displays… something. Not certain
check_procs -v -v -v displays a ton of information about… it looks like… every process running, which you could then grep, awk, or do with as you please.


Yes on the command line, -v -v -v gives the ps output.

But on the nagios web page (status information), I get only the ‘ps’ command line arguments.

Anyway, since my OP, I have encapsulated the ps command in order to mail the output to me. And since then, my problem disappeared ;-(

Since I have no more zombies, I can’t no longer work on this problem.

If zombies reappear, I’ll post a follow up.

Thanks for your input.