Check result path not valid need help :(


Hi all, seem to have some problems with my nagios.cfg file:

Error in configuration file '/etc/nagios/nagios.cfg' - Line 472 (Check result path is not a valid directory) Error processing main config file!

Here’s the specific line:

Permissions are 777 (purely out of desperation!) and file ownership is nagios:nagios, the folder is also empty.

Completely out of ideas here and could really do with some help :frowning:

When I run the configtest via the init script I get the above error, however when running nagios -v /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg there are no errors. Running the application causes the check result path error to be passed into the log.


I got this working in the end. Still had selinux enabled and it was prevening access to the directory (when I ran dmesg I noticed this). I’ve got some other errors now regarding the plugins but I think I can solve these myself, thanks for anyone who looked at this problem.