Check_SMTP HELOCMD: helo null


Hello everyone!

I’m getting this error in my Exchange 2003 Server:

"Event Type: Error

Event Source: MSExchangeTransport

Event Category: SMTP Protocol

Event ID: 7010

Date: 14-01-2008

Time: 15:52:21

User: N/A


This is an SMTP protocol log for virtual server ID 1, connection #65. The client at “x.x.x.x” sent a “helo” command, and the SMTP server responded with "501 5.5.4 Invalid Address ". The full command sent was “helo (null)”. This will probably cause the connection to fail.


I know this is a problem with the check_smtp that does not send the hostname after the helo string.

There is no option/switch in the plugin to do this and I’ve already tried to send a “check_smtp -H -C “helo server” -v” with no success…

Please advise!

Thank you very much.

Best regards,