Hello I’m having problems with getting the right command for this command, when trying to run it I get the following error:

/usr/nagios/libexec/ -H -C <snmp_community> -2 -w 15 -c 20
ERROR: Description table : Requested table is empty or does not exist.

When searching online I can’t find anything that could be the cause of this the and <snmp_community> are replaced off course with the ip-address and snmp_community which reflexs our switches. I’m trying to poll data out of our cisco equipment. Any help would be appriciated!



Try using the -T cisco switch




With the ‘-T cisco’ it gives me:

Multiple warn and crit levels needed with -L or -I switch


nobody here who can help me with this problem?


Indeed, you need to specify 3 warning and 3 critical values as the information returned will be the load average for (i think) 5 second, one minute and 5 minute averages…
i.e. -w 50,50,50 -c 80,80,80