check_snmp Problem



I am using the ProCurve plugin from Nagios Exchange which uses the check_snmp plugin to query HP ProCurve switches for things such as the amount of free memory.

It is the memory command I am having some problems with. Here is check command I am using:

Now, the free memory I currently have on the test switch I am monitoring is 92207120 and the plugin is working as it is pulling this figure back. I have set the warning to be 80000000:90000000 and the critical to be 1000:79999999 so currently, if I am right, the service should be OK. However, I am getting a critical alarm from it.

Any ideas as I can’t see where I am going wrong.




By default if i have not mistaken the description the alertrt is raised if the result falls OUTSIDE of the range…


Cheers Luca. As per the website, I have added an @ symbol to the beginning of each of the ranges and this changes the warning and critical to be WITHIN the range :smiley:

Thanks again for the help.