Check Svc problem


Have nagios monitoring our AntiSpam gateway services. A recent upgrade of the software changed the service name. I changed the Nagios command to check the new service, but it responds that the service is unknown.

define service {
host_name servername
service_description Trend SMTP Service
servicegroups TrendMailServices
is_volatile 0
check_command check_nt_service!IMSSService
max_check_attempts 4
normal_check_interval 5
retry_check_interval 1
active_checks_enabled 1
passive_checks_enabled 1
check_period 24x7
parallelize_check 1
obsess_over_service 1
check_freshness 0
event_handler notify-by-email
event_handler_enabled 1
flap_detection_enabled 1
process_perf_data 1
retain_status_information 1
retain_nonstatus_information 1
contact_groups admins
notification_interval 30
notification_period 24x7
notification_options w,u,c,r,f
notifications_enabled 1
register 1

Please let me know of anything that I might be missing. I inherited this Nagios system, and am not a Linux admin, so am working through the learning curve, but the Nagios check says everything is good, Nagios is working for all other monitors, but for some reason does not like this service.


New trend service is TmImssScan (not IMSSservice) - problem solved.