When I run the plugin on command line I get a result like :

OK - C: 49% full (5.93 GB of 11.99 G:roll:|D: 72% full (108.28 GB of 149.01 G:roll:|

Problem : In the nagios status details I can just see : OK - C: 49% full (5.93 GB of 11.99 G:roll:
The other HD are not shown. How can I adjust nagios or the script so that the status info field Shows all disks?


Nagios takes the output of any plugin in 2 parts. The part before the pipe | and the part after the pipe |. The part before is the output data, and the part after is performace data, and is usually passed on to the 3rd party addon that is going to process that perf data.
You can see the perf data on the Service State Information page, under the line Performance Data:

So, get rid of the Pipe.


10x a lot bro,

That did it ;- )


Intresting. I am experiencing the same. Can you give me instructions in where to remove that pipe. Thanks