Checking Solaris Hosts


Greetings all…
I have a running installation of Nagios 3.03 running in a full root zone on Solaris 10.

I monitor several Solaris hosts with
ping -standard config
ssh - active check once / hour
smtp - active check once / hour
(I put ssh and smtp checks to 1 time /hour since they were filling up the
logs with 2 entries per check)

My Question
Solaris, even in Single user mode still responds to ping so when the box goes
down for patching I have to look at the 1 hour smtp /ssh checks

Is there a better way to check my “uptimes” other than ping…?

much thanks


Every successful check can be used then. If you can reach the Solaris 10 box with any of the protocols available then use that one. You can even set it as check-host-alive command


Thanks for the response… I found that all my Sun boxes use RPC port 111 so I have set this up to test if this will give me what I want…