Client monitoring


Hi guys,
maybe it’s a dumb questione… any suggestion on how to monitor clients (not servers!)? I mean, servers are always up except for scheduled downtime (or crashes!), clients aren’t always turned on and there is absolutely no way to predict the downtime duration.

I was thinking about some shutdown/startup script to launch on the clients, but what should these scripts do?

  1. disabling (and reenabling at boot) active check for the host will not solve the problem: services checks will fail
  2. disabling (and reenabling at boot) active checks for host and services should solve the problem, but it’s a very complex solution: probably the client must know in advance what services to handle… or there is a command to disable all services active checks? (OK THERE IS SUCH COMMAND :slight_smile: but is the best solution to go with?)
  3. “illimited” downtime is not possible in Nagios. Is there a way to change the end time? Maybe a solution could be to put a long downtime on shutdown and change the end time on boot (operations to be executed on the client, obviously, via shutdown and startup scripts)

Any suggestion?