Clobbered status map


Heya all,

My status map automatically generated by Nagios is totally clobbering itself in. It seems that there should enough space to put all the icons, but they end up pretty much all in the same place (look picture attached).

I know I could play manually with NagiosMap but I like the automatic map because of the circular sectors that get automatically green/red.


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mmh, sounds like I cannot click on the image I just attached. Maybe the forum doesn’t like the double exension .cgi.png. Let’s try to fix it here by attaching a png only.


Try the nagiosmap addon. It a simple perl script that allows you to easily generated user defined co-ordinates.


Doh! Just read all of your post. Excuse me…


no problem :slight_smile: happens to me as well sometimes.


yea, I really like the circular map too, but it looks ugly with so many hosts just like mine did.

I see no choice. Even if you did change the code to force 2 pixels between each icon, what you would end up with, is a circle the size of the room you are sitting in (ok, maybe not quite that big).

So, use nagiosmap to layout the network in a pretty circle also and you will see, that a circle just isn’t going to cut it. It’s going to be too big with a huge empty hole in the middle with nothing in it.

Warning:now that you have so many hosts, nagiosmap is going to first start out with no coordinates at all. It will look like a ball of fishing line all tangled up, and you have to pull, push, and play with it for an hour or more to untangle it. Save often… I actually found it theraputical and kinda fun.