Combined status or change status when dependencies fail


This is the situation: We have an application running on one server. The application is made up of a back end service and a front end service, each with its own service check.

Those two services can fail independently of each other. However, the application is only considered available if both services are working at the same time.

Is there any way to have some kind of combined status for those two in an easy way? I have tried having a master service with dependencies on the two actual services. The problem with that is that the status of the master service never change when the dependencies fail, it just stops executing the service checks.

The status question can be solved sort of by createing a service group and looking at the status of the service group, but I need to be able to calculate the availability of the application.

Any ideas?



what you could do is write an overlay script, that would call both plugins, one after the other, and then output what you really want
(like a warning if one service is down and critical if two are down … or whatever you need :))


I have thought about it. It might work in this particular case, but we have around 50 different systems with somtimes 20 different checks for one particular system - that was why I put my hope into dependencies.

I don’t think it make sense having a service reporting itself as OK when it’s dependencies have failed. If there was an option on dependency definitions on how to handle status for the dependent service I think that would have been really elegant in this case.

I also don’t want to put more preassure on the system with redundant checks, since we already have 6000 checks and 700 hosts leading to occacional latency issues.

I’m more thinking of writing a event handler for the individual checks, that will report status changes to a database, where I can have the overall checks look for the combined status for the different group of checks.


Dear AndersB,

I’m afraid that Services Dependencies won’t work as expected. Take a look at:


I Hope it helps.