Configure Access List In Nagios


I’ve got some security issues with Nagios.I’m using Fully Automated Nagios 2.0 and only Nagios in it, not Centreon. I’ve got an Active Directory in my network and I want to implement it in Nagios. I’ve successfully integrated them, but I want to define more precise access list.

In my AD, I’ve got 2 OU, one for the System department and one for the Network department. I want to allow the System’s staff only to see the information about equipments belonging to them, and same thing for the Network’s staff.

The System ‘staff has 3 HP servers and the Network 3 Cisco switches and 1 Cisco router. When a System’s administrator logs in Nagios, I want him to only access details about his server and not the switches and the router, and same thing with the Network members.

I know it’s possible to prevent users to modify and access information about host and systems in the file cgi.cfg, based on contacts, but it’s for all equipments. In my case, I want to explicitly tell which host is viewable by a group.

Can anyone tell me, if it’s possible with only the components in FAN and that case how ?