Configure Alerts


I am new to Nagios without a frontend so forgive if this question seems noob-ish.

We recently installed the latest version of Nagios to get away from centreon. Though I am now wondering how to set alerts to where I don’t get 2 thousand emails over a 2 day period (the weekend). A lot of the alerts a duplicates. If I could get an email telling me the issue and then not receive anything until either the next alert was reached or the issue was resolved that would be great. Thanks


Mmmm… im not a guru on this Nagios stuff… but i think if you set the max_check_attempts to a number like…2… max_check_attempts stands for the times nagios will run the check_command if it returns another state different from OK!

max_check_attempts 2


notification_interval stands for time units before nagios re-notifiying the service is still at a non-ok status

    notification_interval   480

And if you dont like receiving email alerts if a host goes down during the weekend change the

notification_period 24x7

to the days you want to receive the notifications…

I remind you im not a Guru on Nagios… just saying what i may think it its…

this is how i have my some hosts definition on hosts.cfg, it might help you cause i dont get 1000 emails like you do

    use                     generic-host            ; Name of host template to use
    host_name               xxxxxx
    alias                   xxxxxx
    address                 xxxxxx
    check_command           check-host-alive
    contact_groups          teletubbies
    check_interval          2
    max_check_attempts      2
    notification_interval   480
    notification_period     24x7
    notifications_enabled   1


I’ll try this and see what happens. Thanks