Configure nagios across internet


Hello all. I am trying to configure nagios to monitor several servers for some of our customers. I can see in the documentation how you set the IP for a server within your own network but I am not finding anything for how you traverse across multiple networks. If anyone would care to point me in a direction with a link or give me an explanation it would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Buddy I think NRPE would help you.

You should put some client Agent such as NRPE/SNMP or something else and point your Nagios Server to the IP of the Machine in the Internet you want to monitor. If you Don’t have static IP for the machine you are going to monitor then go for DDNS.


Is the only way to monitor devices across the internet by setting up a nagios server at that location? Since all of the servers I would be monitoring are windows based, does nagios work on a windows 2000/2003 platform?



Hay Buddy can you explain the Exact Strategy you are working on and can you explain your requirement in details.


As ashokrajar said earlier, the NRPE is a solution. It won’t be neccesary to install Nagios on a remote location, just NRPE client. It will comunicate with Nagios server at your location and send the info Nagios needs. ashokrajar also said a good thing about DDNS, because if IP of the customer is not permanent it could be a smart thing to do.
There is no Nagios version for Windows platform.

Check the docs:
and see if it helps you.


I will read a bit more on the NRPE but I think I had the impression that it would transmit from one nagios server to another but not from, say, a windows 2003 server and a nagios server across the internet.


Well, we have created a nagios server locally. Currently, we are monitoring just a single server as a test at our location. Our goal is to role out some monitoring of one of our bigger customers. They have about 10 servers (all Windows Based) that we will want to monitor various key services and such. My main question was how to get something like nsclient++ to report from their location to ours across the internet. I think I am pretty sure about that not being possible. Using NRPE has been suggested but from what I have read it can only be run on a linux box. Is this correct? If that is the case, then I need to figure out how to setup a slave Nagios server at their location and configure it to talk with our “main” nagios server. Am I correct in that assumption? Are there any details that I am missing?

thanks for the assistance. Keep in mind I am pretty new to linux and nagios so I appologize if my questions are pretty basic. Still learning the systems!!



Hey Krubb,

So, you’ve got a couple options here depending on your scenario. These guys are talking about NRPE_NT. If your windows clients are Public Facing (ie: they have an external IP and a firewall that you control, or you can set up port fowarding to an internal bo:evil:, you can use an app like nsclient++. Nagios service checks query those external IP’s, nsclient or nc_net answers, and ta-da, works just like nagios.

If your windows clients DON’T have an external IP, or you/the company doesn’t want to punch a hole in the firewall to let nagios query NC_Net or NSClient, Then basically what you’re going to have to set up is something running on your client windows servers and sending PASSIVE results back to your nagios server. That means setting up service checks in nagios with “active_checks_enabled 0”

Typically in a linux environment, an application called NSCA sends passive results back to nagios. There is a windows NSCA available now too but i’ve never used it: … 0.html;d=1
I’m sure you can get stuff to pass data to nsca which it can then initiate an internet connection and send the results to your nagios server, but an app called NC_Net will do passive result sending all by itself (it has a built in nsca, or it can also communicate with nsca for windows)

So, check out NC_Net … 3.html;d=1

It’s been a while since i used it so im not sure if you can be like “check disk every 5 minutes!” and have it go because i had never set it up that way. You might have to VBscript or make some batch files or something that calls nc_net (or nssclient++ and NSCA-win32) every x amount of time.

Hope that helps