Configuring images at statusmap


Is possible to configure two images gd2 for my status map ? as follow:

1 to be used when the link state is up (grenn for example);

1 to be used when the link state is down (red).

Thanks and sorry for my english (I’m a Brasilian citizen and write in english as I write in the my natural language, portuguese)



well the image background is automaticaly red when a host is down.
Isn’t it?


Well, I use the nagios 2.6 at the debian stable (4.0 - etch). In this version, at least, just the text that follow the image is changed to red/green, depending on the state of the link.
I want, if possible, change the image completely.

but, thanks for your reply.


Well I can’t help you on that sorry.
But just to know, what’s the point of changing the entire image instead of just the color background?


Hey Lion,

Currently there are no configuration options which will change the statusmap image based on host status. Sorry :frowning:
Statusmap host section background will render green or red based on host status. It would probably be pretty hard to hack around with the code to make it do what you want, but i’m no programmer :slight_smile:
Good luck


Ok. Thanks for all replys.

But, I use the status map with my background image, One map of my State (Pernambuco-Brasil - with user suply coordinates), then the background do not change, just the text (Up / Down), so is very dificult to see the status, But what to do ! just wait a new implementation of this feature…