Configuring nagios for email notification on ubuntu


Followed that 20 min quick nagios server setup for ubuntu and everything went fine but it will not notifiy by email can anyone tell me how to setup email notifications for nagios on ubuntu, I understand that the mail server on ubuntu has to be set up for the email notification to work, and possibly also a relay agent. Any links or any useful information will be greatly uppreciated.


are you still having this problem?

I have the same issue as well. for some reason I can only email external domains.

Let me know if you’ve figured this out. I can help you email someone from outside of your domain.



check your mail server logs.



sorry for the newbish question but what command do I use? I’m still having issues sending mail internally and hopefully this can help me debug my problem.

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less /var/log/mail.log
If the logs are in the default location…



I found this

It helped me a lot. However, in the process I knocked out the ability to email to servers who check for FQDN.



those instructions tell you how to send your mail to a relay server.
Postfix at that point shouldn’t even be trying to send mail to other servers, as you configured it to send everything through the exchange server, it’s the exchange server which had to accept relaying mail coming from your postfix install.


oh I see!

Oh and I was able to get it to send to an outside domain if I use a vaild sender, and not “mail from: root@localhost”

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