Configuring Nagios so warnings go to a contacts email and cr


I have a contact with an email and a pager, this is specified in the contacts.cfg.

define contact{

email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) pager user }

What I would like, is for a service, when in a warning state to send a notification to the e-mail address specified for the contact, and a notification to be sent to the pager address if the service is in critical.

Even If i set up contactgroups named admins-pager and admins-email, I can’t find the directive to specify which contact address to use in the contactgroup config section.

The only way I can think to do this is to make 2 contacts - one with the email address and the other with the pagers,
2 contactgroups , one specified the contacts with the email addresses, the other with the pagers,
and two seperate service checks one that checks for ucr and the other checking for wr, and that seems inefficient.

Thanks for the help, in advance.