Configuring Nagios to monitor more than one host


I know this might sound a bit silly, but as i’m a newbie at this i need some help…
Have Nagios configured n monitoring one of the servers in our network (all windows servers), tried to configure the rest of them but it keeps giving me error messages when checking the configuration.
Also googled this and couldn’t find an example on how a configuration with multiple hosts will look like.
Can anyone help me? if any of you can give me just a quick reference on how to do this or a link to check info to do it would be great.
Thanks in advance.


I would suggest as a newbie (if you haven’t already) get the Nagios book by Wolfgang Barth. I have learned alot from it.

As for your specific problem. I would need more details. Like how are you communicating to your systems? Are you using SNMP checks and the WMI interface or are you using a client like NSClient++? Are there any firewalls in place between your Nagios box and the other systems. (the list goes on…)

If you can better describe the error you are getting, I or someone else may be able to help point you in the right direction.


Thanks for the reply John… I’m using the NSClient++ and i don’t have a firewall between them. Most of our servers are windows 2003, Nagios is installed over a Fedora 7. When trying to add more hosts, on the config check it can’t never find the ones i’m adding, but i guess i’m not placing the info on the right place… Thanks again