Confused about Service.cfg inheritance


The way that I am reading it is that you have to specify every service for each individual server, as you can’t have a list of hosts or a host group (or am i wrong on this?).

I’ve gotten my hosts and contacts grouped and templated like i want, but the services file doesn’t make much sense in the way i’m interpreting it.

there has to be a way to associate servers with running services in the hosts file, or grouping servers running the same service in the service definition in services.cfg.


Below are the two ways to do it. I think you can only have one or the other in a single define statement.
define service {
use generic-service
service_description ping
check_command check_ping!100.0,20%!500.0,60%
hostgroup_name Servers
host_name Server

contact_groups admins

Or you can


i’ve tried using just hostgroups and it works.

i still don’t like the design of the service system. you should be able to define a service and then have mutations of it using templates. then inside the hosts definition you should have a comma delimited list after a variable like services_used.

i guess one way you’re listing servers over and over inside the services definition (or us hostgroups), then there is the way i wish it was done; list services over and over inside host definitions.

however in large networks you will probably have more hosts than services, and the services would be easier to remember.